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International Presence

With our massive local & international distribution to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, USA, & Germany, we became one of the largest food manufacturers in the region, giving us a strong competitive edge.

Diversity of Products

More than ten product lines are produced with three packaging options: Tetra Pak, Plastic Bottles & Glass Jars. There are several products that we offer, including: Tomato Paste, Tomato Purée, Ketchup, Jams, Juices, White Vinegar, Rose Water, Blossom Water, Jameed & Olive Oil.

For the quality of our vegetables, we carefully select our suppliers and conduct meticulous audits.

Manufacturing Practices & Capacity of Production

The factory covers a total area of 15,000 square meters where all tomato products, juices, and jameed are produced. Also, we have an area of 2,000 square meters dedicated to the production of tomato products, jams, rose water, and olive oil under the brand Green Hills.

The high-tech environment we operate in allows us to reach a total production capacity of 250 million units annually through the use of the latest machinery & equipment. Our factory is fully automated.

Quality Control & Research

ADFICO’S laboratory standards are set at an exclusive level of high-tech and highly skilled technicians that have constantly allowed us to receive the data and feedback needed to constantly improve our work. We were the first manufacturer in Jordan to be certified by ISO, ISO22000. This has been further validated by additional certificates as well.
We have a 15-minute interval of random product selection throughout various points of production as part of our quality control measures. It ensures that every product that reaches the warehouse meets the highest quality standards. Our products are compliant with all local and international regulations.

Professional Packaging for Safety

The packaging process at ADFICO is carried out by Tetra Pak equipment and multilayered sterilized polymer packaging lines lining with aluminum and polyethylene. With this packaging, the product has a long shelf life without having to be cooled or frozen. All packs will be completely sealed and remain sterile for at least 12 months.

The filling and sealing processes are carried out under strict sterilization conditions, providing a variety of packaging options: Tetra Pack, Plastic Bottles, and Glass Jars.
In addition to our safe packaging, ADFICO reduced manufacturing errors, by converting the factory into a fully automated one, which minimizes the likelihood of human error.

White Labeling Service

Many local and international companies trust ADFICO to handle their entire product manufacturing process. With their own recipes and brand names, they can choose from different container types and sizes that includes

Tetra Pak:
70g, 135g, 250g, 1L

Glass jar:
300g, 430g, 840g, 1Kg, 1.350kg

Plastic container:
300g, 500g, 800g, 5kg

ADFICO is committed to providing high quality and consistent taste over the years, and takes full responsibility for timely and error-free delivery.

Curricular Economy

More fuel-efficient aircraft. More direct and on-time flights. Safer skies and airports. We're found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft.

Energy & Climate

Since 2010, our facilities have implemented more than 4,300 efficiency projects including building automation and controls, lighting and mechanical upgrades, saving more than $80M (annualized).


Over 100 years ago, we defined energy efficiency by making indoor comfort automatic. Today, we redefine it in 10 million buildings using our technology.

Human Rights

Each year, we keep over half a billion workers safer and more productive with voice-enabled software, barcode scanners, mobile computers and protective equipment.

Conflict Minerals

We pioneered automation control. So we understand complex industrial facilities, and how to create high-quality and high-performance chemicals and materials.

Natural Infrastructure

We provide resources and financial support to causes around the world and encourage employee volunteerism.

Sustainability Report

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